Boron Product Sales

Etimine USA, Inc. is the North American and Central American sales office for Eti Maden General Works Management, the largest boron products producer in the world. Eti Maden owns 72% of the world’s known borate reserves and dependably supplies nearly 50% of the world’s boron needs with quality products. We offer ground mineral ores and various grades of boric acid and sodium borates important to many market applications.

News and Press Releases

Global Meeting Brings Co-Workers Together In Turkey

Over 100 sales and technical representatives from the far corners of the globe met at Eti Maden in Turkey to plan improvements that will offer greater value worldwide to customers of the "Eti" group. More.

Boron is NOT Boring

Who says boron is boring? Certainly not Etimine USA. The new article “'Boring' Boron and Adhesives" by Etimine USA’s Technical Director and published in ASI... Read More

Four Turkish Cities Rank in Worldwide Top 10 for Economic Performance

Four cities in Turkey (Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa) ranked in the top 10 of economic performance in 2015, as reported by the Brookings Institution and JP Morgan Chase.
Ankara and Izmir play a key role in Eti Maden's operation and in... Read More